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CREPE CITY issue 01

Sneakers. Collecting. Culture.

CREPE CITY is Europe's largest sneaker festival. With a dedicated following attending their every event in the UK, as well as an ever-growing online fan base that exceeds 300k, how could they expand further?

CREPE CITY Magazine serves a set of purposes – to take the CREPE CITY brand name beyond its current circles, to educate the current audience on the histories and stories behind the sneakers and brands they love, and to give brands a new means to market to that audience in a way that goes deeper and lasts longer than social media.

Through studying CREPE CITY as an event and community we distilled its core values of sneakers, collecting, and culture, placing them at the very heart of this project as the three sections of the magazine.

A new standard.

The sneaker world needed shaking up. Independent publishing is flourishing and bringing a new level of quality to magazines, especially in fashion and lifestyle. CREPE CITY Magazine brings those qualities to the sneaker community, setting a new standard in a market that hasn't seen substantial change in publishing for decades.

Designed for a modern reader.

The social media generation have a hunger for information and premium imagery. Instagram fulfils this hunger almost entirely on its own, but that doesn't mean that this generation are only interested in super short-form content via their mobile.

With our content being predominantly long-form, the design and layout of CREPE CITY Magazine had to be unthreatening without belittling its audience. Wise use of white space and larger type ensure that the reading experience is one of comfort, while spreading content over a substantial amount of pages ensured we positioned ourselves as far as possible from the usual cramped design of sneaker magazines that breeds a feeling of chaos.

We know that this audience enjoys long-form content. We also know that they don't want it to feel like a labour to read it.


A timeless reference tool.

One of our main priorities with CREPE CITY Magazine was to position it outside of the fast paced world of online news. To take advantage of the physicality and permanence of a well produced magazine we ensured the content is as interesting to read in 5 years as it is now.

Taking this concept a step further, we created Archive. Found at the heart of each issue, Archive shines a light on one collector's personal highlights from their own collection, displaying roughly 40 pairs in an encyclopaedic fashion. You'll find nothing but archival photography and key information in this homage to the geekiness of sneaker collecting.

The CREPE CITY audience has a passion for collecting sneakers and we wanted to ensure the magazine became a part of that passion for collecting.