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NikeLab ACG

Futurism meets Industrialism.

When Nike approached us to create an alternate still life set of images for their NikeLab ACG Ho15 collection, we were instantly inspired. With such a strong back-story and a clear new vision, we set out to distil the core values of both this new collection and the recently relaunched ACG brand as a whole, using this as the foundations for our creative direction.

Sleek / considered / industrial
Future / innovation
City elements & environments
Mobility & Durability
Nocturnal / stealth / selective visibility

Inspired by the city.

For us, the path was clear – take those core elements and re-approach them. We wanted a set that would embody the core values of the city we love, London, using a selection of the raw materials that are used to create it, some memorable, some seemingly alien. Amongst the materials we placed a selection of shapes, created to reference the cutting, unrelenting shapes found in Brutalist architecture.

If this collection was inspired by the urban landscape, we wanted to ensure that we took the same inspirations, but in a different direction. It was important that the final images made sense within the ACG brand, but were far removed from the visuals that Nike had already created.

Details for details.

For a sub-brand that obsesses over details, it was important to us that a selection of the visuals really amplified this story. Whether it was the GOR-TEX® materials, the 3M outer-branding, or the hidden details within, we ensured that these key elements were brought to life through the use of detailed close-up photography.

Art DirectionAlex Powis