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CREPE CITY issue 03

Sneakers. Collecting. Culture.

CREPE CITY is Europe's largest sneaker festival. With a dedicated following attending their every event in the UK, as well as a vast online fan base that exceeds 300k.t

CREPE CITY Magazine serves a set of purposes – to take the CREPE CITY brand name beyond its current circles, to educate the current audience on the histories and stories behind the sneakers and brands that they love, and to give brands a new means to market to that audience in a way that goes deeper and lasts longer than social media.

Through studying CREPE CITY as an event and community we distilled its core values of sneakers, collecting, and culture, placing them at the very heart of this project. Issue 03 sees the magazine continue to develop and grow, with the most substantial changes to date, both in the magazine and behind the scenes. One thing remains the same: to explore the cultures surrounding sneaker collecting through high quality long-form content.

A New Design Language

We went back to the drawing board for issue 03, looking to further distill what made the first 2 issues so good. Less is more, so we stripped out whole sections of content, including the sections themselves, and opted for amore fluid approach that gave a more natural and comfortable flow to the magazine.

A new larger format allowed our beautiful content to shine, as well as giving the magazine more presence on the news-stand and a more comfortable reading experience.

We partnered with one of the UK's most exciting type foundries, Colophon Foundry, working closely together to bring a considered selection of their typefaces to the magazine.

Content Content Content

At the end of the day, what is a good magazine if not for it's content? We love good design, but it's wasted if it's not supporting exceptional content and issue 03 was no exception, continuing to work with a selection of incredible talent.