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CREPE CITY issue 04

CREPE CITY magazine issue 04 10.jpg

Sneakers. Collecting. Culture.

CREPE CITY is Europe's largest sneaker festival. With a dedicated following attending their every event in the UK, as well as a vast online fan base that exceeds 300k.t

CREPE CITY Magazine serves a set of purposes – to take the CREPE CITY brand name beyond its current circles, to educate the current audience on the histories and stories behind the sneakers and brands that they love, and to give brands a new means to market to that audience in a way that goes deeper and lasts longer than social media.

Through studying CREPE CITY as an event and community we distilled its core values of sneakers, collecting, and culture, placing them at the very heart of this project. Issue 03 sees the magazine continue to develop and grow, with the most substantial changes to date, both in the magazine and behind the scenes. One thing remains the same: to explore the cultures surrounding sneaker collecting through high quality long-form content.

A Continued Design Language

Building on the new design language introduced by issue 03, issue 04 looked at the ground rules that we set out, strengthening and questioning them through the layout.

Now familiar with our larger format, we looked to further experiment with it's potential while continually aiming for an enjoyable reading experience. This issue introduced new print techniques to our covers, from colour-correct neon Pantone inks to represent certain parts of sneakers, to our "touch and feel" Nike Air Vapormax cover.

Once again, we partnered with Colophon Foundry, working closely together to bring a considered selection of their typefaces to the magazine.